The Jungola Klownz of Deptford

By Poem Baker

Tuttii Fruttii and Toni Tits AKA the Jungola Klownz, are an experimental comedy art duo, inspired by a ragbag of influences, including queer, clown and tribal culture. This portrait was taken from a series of pictures that follow the girls around their home, work place and community in Deptford, this particular candid picture was taken in their local pie and mash shop, where their costumes and make-up provide an irresistibly spectacular canvas against the everyday backdrop of southeast London.

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Liam Bushby 01.05.17

Love this shot and all your work

Helen Hates Peas 03.04.17

This whole image is brilliant, I've returned to it a few times, it evokes so many questions! xx