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Terms and Conditions of Entry



1. The competition is open to members and non members of The Society.  This includes student, amateur and professional photographers worldwide of any age
2. Photographers can upload images to the competition via
3. An entry fee is payable, per person, to enter the competition.  Fees are reduced for RPS members and entrants under 30yrs of age
This competition is open submission, there are no categories and all genres of photography are eligible


5. Photographers may enter up to 6 images online to the competition website
6. Images must be the sole work of the entrant
but can include lost, unclaimed, or discarded photographs within the final work
7. Images may be manipulated using photo editing software

8. The image must include a photographic process within the making of the work
9During the entry process, submissions must not include the photographer's name in an image title.  If they do, they may be rejected
10. The Society has the right to reject any entry/image at its discretion.  This may involve the photographer having to provide the original image for The Society to check its authenticity
1. The Society may exclude any images which, in The Society's opinion, could cause offence
12. Images that have been selected for previous RPS HQ exhibitions (International Print, International Photography, International Images for Science, Members’ Biennial) are not eligible for selection. Please consider entering new work
3. The Society may check membership numbers and distinctions held by RPS members
4. Any entries received with insufficient entry fees will not be considered
5Shortlisted images will need to be available at a high enough resolution for printing for the second stage of selection.  This should be taken into consideration when submitting images to the competition
6Shortlisted prints will not be returned unless special arrangements are made with The RPS Exhibitions Department


18. The competition will close for shortlisting at midnight BST on Wednesday 4th April 2018
19. All entries are reviewed, shortlisted and selected anonymously
20The images will be reviewed by The RPS and will then be reviewed and shortlisted by the selection panel
21. The shortlisted images will be provided as printsby the photographers, for the second stage of selection
2The Society reserves the right to withdraw a selected image if the print quality is below the standard required (see 15)
3. Approximately 100 prints will be selected from the shortlisted prints, by the selectors, for the final exhibition 
4.There will be 4 award winners: 1 x Gold, 1 x Silver, 1 x Bronze and 1 x Under 30 Gold  
5. No individual assessments are available and the selectors’ decision is final 
6. The RPS will arrange for the selected prints to be mounted and framed for the touring exhibition


27. Gold Award – £1,500, RPS Gold Medal, a year's free membership to the RPS
28. Silver Award – £750, RPS Silver Medal, a year's free membership to the RPS
29. Bronze Award - £500, RPS Bronze Medal,  a year's free membership to the RPS
30. Under 30s Award - £1,500, RPS Gold Medal, a year's free membership to the RPS

Personal Data

31. The Society may hold and process all personal information which is supplied, in relation to The Society or the competition/exhibition
32. The Society will not pass on email addresses or personal data to any third party
33. It is assumed that by entering the competition, you are agreeable to receiving emails from The Society.  If you are not agreeable, please contact the 
Exhibitions Department

Copyright and Reproduction

4. The images entered into the competition must not infringe any copyright or other intellectual property right of any third party 
5 If the copyright of or other intellectual property rights of any third party have been infringed, then the entrant will indemnify The Society in respect of any third party claims
6. The copyright of all entries remains with the photographer
7. The photographer will be credited if the image is used by The Society
8. The Society reserves the right to reproduce, without payment, any images for publicity and promotion purposes in connection with the competition, the exhibition and The Society’s activities, including within The Society’s Journal, website and social media
39. The Society may also create a digital version of the exhibition for screen and/or a duplicate printed copy of all, or selected, images from the exhibition for display

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Entry

40. Submission of any entry to the RPS International Photography Exhibition 161 implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Entry