Enter Competition

IPE 159 Exhibitors

We are delighted to congratulate the photographers exhibiting in the 2016/17 RPS International Print Exhibition 159. 

The exhibition tours the UK until July 2017 having opened in October 2016 at the East London Photomonth International Photography Festival as part of PHOTOBLOCK at The Old Truman Brewery. The show travels to The Royal Albert Hall before moving to other venues in the UK, including Belfast and Retina (Edinburgh) International Photography Festivals. View the exhibition dates and find out how to visit the IPE 159 online.

The exhibition catalogue has now sold out.


James Abelson, UK
Ben Altman, United States
Richard Ansett, UK


Poem Baker, UK
Daniel Bari, UK
Alastair Bartlett, UK
Tom Blachford, Australia
Polly Braden, UK
Ross Brown, UK
Craig Buchan, UK

Brown_Ross_Hattver_2ca44e1fef1f © Ross Brown. Hattver


Catherine Cameron, UK
Marco Castelli, Italy
Anne Clements, UK
David Creedon ARPS, Ireland


Louis De Belle, Germany
Giovanna del Sarto, UK
Salvatore Di Gregorio, UK
Andre Du Plessis FRPS, UK
Robert Ducrow, UK


Melanie Eclare, UK
Brett Erickson, United States
Lluís Estopiñan Canals, Spain


Dan Farnum, United States
Lindsey Filowitz, United States
C.Y. Frankel, UK


Tamsin Green ARPS, UK
William Grob, UK

Manning_Adrian_Untitled_9463f9154597 © Adrian Manning. Untitled. From the series 'Cars of England'


Sandra Harper, UK
Travis Hodges, UK
Edward Hopley, UK
Michael Hunter, UK


Sam Ivin, UK


Greg Kahn, United States
Piotr Karpinski, UK
Joanna Kearney LRPS, UK
Jessica Kelly, UK
Alexei Kostromin, Russia

alice_neale_WideOpen © Alice Neale. Wide Open


Phil Le Gal, UK
Lynette Letic, Australia
Minqiang Lu, China


Penelope Malby, UK
Derek Man, UK
Adrian Manning, UK
Elanor Marielle, UK
Mike Marlowe, UK
Uwe H. Martin, Germany
Jennifer Lauren Martin, UK
Carolyn Mendelsohn, UK
Ashley Moog, United States


Alice Neale, UK
Christian Nilson, Switzerland


Tommaso Rada, Portugal
Camilo Ramirez, United States
Kenneth Rennie, UK
Robin V. Robinson, United States
Alessandro Rota, Italy

Di_Gregorio_Salvatore_From-the-series_LasComparsasdeCuba © Salvatore Di Gregorio. Las Comparsasde Cuba


John Sanderson, United States
Rinat Schnadower, Israel
Anna Shustikova, Russia
Matty Smith, Australia
Carl Symes, UK


Dafna Tal, Israel
Eric Thompson, United States
Tara Todras-Whitehill, Turkey
Abbie Trayler-Smith, UK


Louise Upham, UK


Tianxi Wang, United States
Edward Watts, UK
Nicholas White ARPS, UK
Ellen White, United States
Sanne Wolthaus, Netherlands
Yoong Wah Alex Wong, Malaysia


Tariq Zaidi, UK
Peter Zelewski, UK
Marta Zgierska, Poland

Zelewski_Peter_Tomas_and_Lorenco_from_the_series_Beautiful_Strangers © Peter Zelewski. Tomas and Lorenco