Frequently Asked Questions

McFetridge_Alan_Syncrude_I_Alberta_2016 © Alan McFetridge (UK). Syncrude I Alberta 2016

 I'm not a RPS member, can I enter?
A: Yes, the competition is open to both members and non-members of any age or nationality.

Q2: If I'm under 30 and a member of the RPS, which category do I enter?
A: You can enter the Under 30s group. All entries have equal chance of selection for the exhibition.

Q3: I'm a RPS member and have a member login, do I need to register?
A: Yes, all entrants need to register to enter the competition. If you have entered the IPE before you can login using your existing information or use the password/username reminder to reset this.

Q4: How many times can I enter?
A: Entrants can make one submission of six images only.

Q5: Can I upload my entry using a mobile device or tablet?
A: The website is interactive however you will need to use a desktop or laptop to successfully complete your entry. 

Q6: Can I submit 6 images from a series I'm working on?
Yes. Please include the series title after each image, e.g Untitled. From the series... Each image you submit will be viewed as a single, stand-alone image however if your series has an impact on the selectors, more than one could be selected. 

Mitchell_Margaret_Steven_2017 © Margaret Mitchell (UK). Steven, 2017. From the series 'In This Place'


Q7: Can I submit images taken on film or using an alternative process?
A: Yes! Images can be scanned from film, or from the actual prints to create a digital file. Please include details of the process you've used in the description box (which the selectors will see). Please remember to create a high resolution file too, in case you are selected.

Q7: Can my images be manipulated in some way?
Yes, manipulation/editing using software is allowed, however the images submitted must be the work of the entrant only.

Q8: Should I watermark my images?
No, please do not add watermarks as this will identify your images and the selection process is anonymous.

Q8: Do my images need to be recently taken?
No, images can be made at any time.

Q9: Can I enter images that have been successful in other competitions?
A: Yes you can enter these images. However there is an exception - images previously selected for RPS HQ Exhibitions will not be considered (this includes past IPE, Members' Biennial, International Images for Screen and International Images for Science Exhibitions). 

Q10: What size should my images be?
A: Images should be a maximum of 2500 pixels wide (if landscape) or 2500 pixels high (if portrait) and a maximum size of 5Mb in JPG format. Images should be in sRGB colour space.

Q11: Do I need to title my images?
A: Yes, you should individually name each image, but please do not include your name in any image titles. Images may be disqualified if your name appears in the title.

Q12: Can I send in prints?
A: No, we are only accepting digital images for the first stage of selection. Shortlisted images will need to be submitted as prints for the final stage of selection only.

Mills_Bobby_Prospectors_Camp_Goongarie © Bobby Mills (UK). Prospector's Camp, Goongarie

Q13: Can I edit my entry?

Yes, you can edit your images and text. Simply login and delete the images you need to remove and then add new images. You can make adjustments until the closing date (4 April).

Q14: Help - my email address is not recognised when I try to register?
A: You may have registered for a previous IPE competition, please try using the account reminder system under the HELP section. A single email address can be registered to one entrant only.

Q15: I haven't received my activation e-mail?
A: Please log into your e-mail account and double check your spam or junk folder. Emails may take a short time to appear and expire after 24hours. Try going to the login page and logging in using the username and password you have created. 

Spence_Ray_Of_Cabbages_and_Kings © Ray Spence (UK). Of Cabbages and Kings

My account says activation failed?!
A: You may have clicked the activation link more than once. Please try to log into your account.  

Q17: I've forgotten my username/password!?
A: You can reset this yourself under HELP.

Q18: I can't remember my Membership Number
A: Your membership number can be found on your membership card. Please contact the Membership Department if you would like a reminder.

Q19: In the past I have registered for an RPS competition using this site, do I need to register again?
A: If you have entered the IPE before you can login using your existing information. If you've forgotten your login, you can reset this yourself under 'HELP' and write down your new details. All other competition logins will not be recognised.

Q20: Are my pictures protected?
Yes. As the photographer, you retain copyright and no-one can copy or use your images without your permission. Please note that The RPS can use your images for the purposes of promoting the competition/exhibition and will always credit your work, as stated in the T&Cs.

Linnane_Edyta_Kenana_Knitter_I © Edyta Linnane (UK). Kenana Knitter I

Q21: How do I know my images have been entered successfully?
 Your images will appear under All Entries as soon as you press the save info button. You will also receive an email link when you upload an image.

Q22: If I am selected for the shortlist, what do I need to supply?
A: You will need to send in a print for the final stage of selection. Prints will need to be un-mounted. The RPS will mount and frame the exhibition at no extra cost to the exhibitor. If selected for the exhibition, you will also need to supply a high resolution file (the best possible file size you can provide). High resolution files are required for printing the catalogue and producing exhibition and publicity materials.

Q23: How many images will be selected for the touring exhibition?
A: 80 - 100

Q24: If shortlisted and not successful, will my prints be returned to me?
A: Yes, these can be returned once return postage is paid. If you are selected for the exhibition, these prints can be retuned at the end of the touring exhibition.

Q25: Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?
A: You can read these here.